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Latour video on The Modes of Existence project

16 November 2012

“The Modes of Existence project: an exercise in collective inquiry and digital humanities” – by Bruno Latour, 6 November 2012.

Understanding Society Lecture Series, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge

Challenging Models

24 June 2010

This conference at Cambridge looks interesting, although the deadline for abstracts is coming up rather quickly (30th June):

Challenging Models in the Face of Uncertainty

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 to Thursday, 30 September 2010

Location: Gillespie Conference Centre, Clare College, Queens Road, Cambridge

What do financial crises, pandemic flu and climate change have in common? All involve policy decisions that rely to some extent on formal models to predict the future – and all their models have been criticised for not fully taking deeper uncertainties and public values into account. The conference will focus on the relationship between formal analysis and policy making across a range of domains, including health, environment, finance and technology, bringing different disciplinary perspectives to bear on a set of shared problems and linked themes.

There are four themes:


Actor-network theory and the moral economy

5 March 2009

The next Business and Society Research Group seminar at CRASSH, University of Cambridge, will focus on actor-network theory. It will take place on Monday, 9 March 2009 at 5-7 pm (CRASSH, 17 Mill Lane). The three speakers and their respective topics are:

Peter Erdélyi (PhD Candidate, Department of Management, LSE)
“Actor-Network Theory and the Technological Economy”

Ariane McCabe (PhD, Judge Business School, Cambridge)
“Making TRIPS Global and Local: Using ANT to Explore the Travel of Intellectual Property Rights from Geneva to Mexico and Brazil”

Isam Faik (PhD Candidate, Judge Business School, Cambridge)
“Actor-Network Theory and Modernisation Processes”

Followed by drinks at “The Anchor”.

The debate between Tarde and Durkheim

16 January 2009

It turns out that the text of the debate between Tarde and Durkheim (as enacted by Bruno Latour and Bruno Karsenti at Cambridge last year) has also been published in the journal Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. Here is the link and reference:

Vargas, E. V., B. Latour, et al. (2008). “The Debate between Tarde and Durkheim.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 26: 761-77.

Triangular Post-Graduate Conference 2008 – Call for papers

9 April 2008

The 2nd Triangular Post-Graduate Conference, “Challenges for contemporary research on technology and organisation,” will take place on 4-6 June 2008 at UCD Business School. The conference is jointly organised by Lancaster University, University of Cambridge and University College Dublin, and is chaired by Séamas Kelly, Lucas Introna, and Matthew Jones. The call for papers invites doctoral students from information systems and organisational studies to present preliminary research findings and/or challenging theoretical and methodological issues concerning their research. (more…)

Recording of the Tarde/Durkheim debate at Cambridge

26 March 2008

Audio and video recordings (mostly in French) of the “The Tarde/Durkheim Debate” with Bruno Karsenti as Emile Durkheim, Bruno Latour as Gabriel Tarde, and Simon Schaffer as the Dean are now available from the CRASSH website. The English translation [PDF] is available from Bruno Latour’s website. Photos of the event can be found on the Tarde/Durkheim: Trajectories of the Social conference website.

And here are a couple of videos from YouTube:


Tarde/Durkheim: Trajectories of the Social

3 February 2008

Bruno Latour plays Tarde and Bruno Karsenti plays Durkheim in the re-enactment of a debate held in 1903 between Gabriel Tarde and Emile Durkheim, at the Tarde/Durkheim: Trajectories of the Social conference at the University of Cambridge on 14-15 March 2008.