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CfP on strategy and materiality

3 March 2012

Call for Papers: BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT Special Issue on Strategizing Material & Materializing Strategy. The deadline for submission of papers is 30 January 2013. See the full call here [PDF].

The British Journal of Management is pleased to announce a special issue focused on strategizing material and materializing  strategy. Grounded in practice-based views of strategy,  this special issue will explore material practices associated with  strategizing: How are objects, artifacts, tools and other material resources used by practitioners to shape and enact organizational strategy?

Through research on the practice of strategy, scholars have already begun to explore material objects and strategy tools. One emerging stream of research explores how material objects, including the participants’ physical bodies, are used in strategizing. (…) A  second stream of research has investigated the role of strategy tools in materializing  strategy. (…) However, much more work  is  needed to advance this agenda, which is the purpose of this special issue.

Example topics

We  welcome  empirical  papers that provide new insight on strategizing material and materializing strategy. While organization scholars have traditionally privileged discourse (talk and text) as the empirical basis for their research findings, a growing number are turning their attention toward socio-materiality, which refers to the “inherent inseparability” of social and material aspects of organizational work (Orlikowski, 2008, p. 434). Sometimes material objects are treated as actors (e.g. Callon, 1986; Latour, 1987) or material objects and actors as entangled bundles (e.g. Leonardi,  2011). We invite diverse research methods, both qualitative and quantitative. We are open to innovative approaches, including action research, cognitive mapping, conversation analysis, video ethnography, simulation, and mixed-methods.

Relevant questions include:
•    How do managers use materials and tools to shape strategic processes and decisions?
•    What roles do different types of strategists play in creating, diffusing and/or using strategic materials and tools?
•    How does materiality constrain and/or enhance strategy practice?
•    How are participants’ physical bodies a resource and constraint for strategizing?
•    How do materials and tools gain legitimacy? How are they diffused within and  beyond organizations?
•    What types of materials and tools are used to shape the strategy process? How do they shape the strategy process?
•    What are the dynamics between strategy materials and strategy tools?
•    What are the dynamics between strategizing materials or tools and other elements of strategy practice (e.g. affect and emotion)?

Guest Editors: 

Stéphanie Dameron, Université Paris-Dauphine, France
Jane Lê, University of Sydney, Australia
Curtis LeBaron, Brigham Young University, USA