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Philosophy & Technology first issue

1 February 2011

Table of contents of the first issue coming out in March (articles already available online):

Philosophy & Technology

  • Harmonising Physis and Techne: The Mediating Role of Philosophy
    • Luciano Floridi
  • Imaging Technology and the Philosophy of Causality
    • George Darby and Jon Williamson
  • Web of Data and Web of Entities: Identity and Reference in Interlinked Data in the Semantic Web
    • Paolo Bouquet, Heiko Stoermer and Massimiliano Vignolo
  • Dirty Hands, Speculative Minds, and Smart Machines
    • Diane P. Michelfelder
  • Bootstrapping Normativity
    • Graham White
  • Action Schemes: Questions and Suggestions
    • Evan Selinger, Jesús Aguilar and Kyle Powys Whyte
  • Why Theories of Causality Need Production: an Information Transmission Account
    • Phyllis McKay Illari
  • Husserl’s Galileo Needed a Telescope!
    • Don Ihde
  • Should Probabilistic Design Replace Safety Factors?
    • Neelke Doorn and Sven Ove Hansson
  • The Here and Now: Theory, Technology, and Actuality
    • Albert Borgmann
  • Acknowledging Substances: Looking at the Hidden Side of the Material World
    • Hans Peter Hahn and Jens Soentgen

Philosophy & Technology

30 May 2010

The philosophy of technology has a new home: the freshly launched Philosophy & Technology journal. Check out the editorial board: it has quite a few post-phenomenologists  and some STS people, a few of whom have dealt with the ANT-phenomenology relation that is an interest on this blog.

The journal aims to publish the best research produced in all areas where philosophy and technology meet. It welcomes high-quality submissions, regardless of the tradition, school of thought or disciplinary background from which they derive. (…)

The range of coverage is very broad and interdisciplinary. It includes classic problems in philosophy of technology and original approaches to them, theories of technology, methods and concepts in technology, as well as theoretical topics and topics dealing with practical problems concerning the nature, the development and the implications of technologies. Particular attention is paid to new areas of philosophical interest – such as nanotechnologies, medical, genetic and biotechnologies, neurotechnologies, information and communication technologies, AI and robotics, or the philosophy of engineering – and the philosophical discussion of issues such as environmental risks, globalization, security, or biological enhancements. The journal encourages submissions on the applications of philosophy of technology to other disciplines, such as computer science, cognitive science, jurisprudence, social studies of science, and the social sciences.