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Speculative Realism and OOO at UCLA

25 November 2010

A conference by the UCLA Program in Experimental Critical Theory:

Hello, Everything: Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology

Wednesday, December 01, 2010, 10:00 – 16:30, UCLA Faculty Center, Redwood Room

10:00 Coffee



Graham Harman, “What are Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology?”


Timothy Morton (UC Davis), “Sublime Objects”

Eleanor Kaufman (UCLA), “Sartre and Object Classification”


Levi Bryant (Collin College), “Ontotheology and Withdrawal: Sexuation and the New Metaphysics”

Nathan Brown (UC Davis), “On Method: The Compound Epistemology of After Finitude”


Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech), “Object-Oriented Ontogeny”

Graham Harman (American University, Cairo), “Real Objects and Pseudo-Objects: Remarks on Method”

H/t Object-Oriented Philosophy

OOO Symposium recordings

19 May 2010

Now available from the Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium website:

Download and listen to recordings of the symposium presentations in MP3 format. Each file includes the talk and the discussion/Q&A that followed it.

  • Jay Telotte and Ian Bogost: Welcome
  • Graham Harman: American Objects vs. Austrian Objects
  • Steven Shaviro: The Universe of Things
  • Levi Bryant: Being is Flat: The Strange Mereology of Object-Oriented Ontology
  • Ian Bogost: Cakes, Chips, and Calculus
  • Barbara Stafford: Concluding Remarks

Deleuze and Speculative Realism

18 January 2010

It would sure be interesting to explore further the confluence of Deleuze and Latour,  and the eddies they create in object-oriented philosophy. If you feel inspired to contribute, see this call for papers by Deleuze International (hat tip to Object-Oriented Philosophy and Speculative Heresy).

Graham Harman on Heidegger and Latour

29 October 2007

Graham Harman will be giving a talk entitled “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” at ISIG at the LSE at 12:00 on Thursday 29 November 2007.