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Nigel Thrift on speculative realism and blogging

1 September 2011

At The Chronicle of Higher Education:

I am not trying to claim that everyone should be interested in the niceties of the debate that has unfolded (although, if they are, the writings of Graham Harman or Isabelle Stengers are a good place to start, as are collections like Bryant, Srnicek, and Harmans’s The Speculative Turn). Rather, I want to use it as an example of a recent development in how academe communicates with itself. For one thing that I have found really interesting about the turn to speculative realism is that is has clearly been fuelled by online communities which have turned above all to blogs as an important means of swapping material, revealing first thoughts, and making revisions. I doubt that the growth of speculative realism would have been so insistent without these communities scattered all over the world, or so rapid.

Sloterdijk’s global foams and Latour’s cosmopolitics

9 February 2009

Check out this fantastic special issue of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space: “The Worlds of Peter Sloterdijk,” guest-edited by Stuart Elden, Eduardo Mendieta, and Nigel Thrift. Besides the translations of three different pieces by Sloterdijk, it carries a number of very interesting essays, including one by Marie-Eve Morin entitled “Cohabitating in the Globalised World: Peter Sloterdijk’s Global Foams and Bruno Latour’s Cosmopolitics.” Morin shows how Sloterdijk develops Heidegger’s concept of spatiality, and she connects it with Latour’s thinking on politics. Just the thing to read before Latour and Sloterdijk’s joint talk at Harvard next week. And this is yet another ANT-Heidegger connection…

Performance: An economic sociology conference at Goldsmiths

20 November 2008

An all-day conference (9am-6:30pm) on performance in economic sociology will take place at Goldsmiths in London on Wednesday 14 January 2009. Speakers include: Laurent Thevenot, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales; Michael Power, LSE; Nigel Thrift, Warwick; David Stark, Columbia; Koray Caliskan, Boðazçi; Martha Poon, Columbia; Jean-Pascal Gond, Nottingham; and William Davies, Goldsmiths. Places are limited and registration is required. Please see the full announcement below.


Distinktion No 16: The Technologies of Politics

22 June 2008

Issue 16 of Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory is out and  it is packed with interesting articles on the technologies of politics, several of them engaging with actor-network theory. Authors include Kristin Asdal, Noortje Marres, Peter Sloterdijk, John Law, Richie Nimmo, Guro Ådnegard Skarstad, and Nigel Thrift.