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Forthcoming events with Callon, Latour et al.

24 January 2012

20 February 2012,  18:00 – 19:30 – Bruno Latour at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

7 March 2012, 16:30 – 19:00 –  Bruno Latour & Richard Rogers:  “Digital societies: between ontology and methods,” at Goldsmiths, London

30 March 2012 – 12:30 – 16:30 – Michel Callon, Fabian Muniesa, Adam Leaver and Karel Williams: “How Methods Move in Markets,” at Open University, Camden, London

After Markets recordings

19 May 2010

The organisers of the 23 April 2010 “After Markets: Researching Hybrid Arrangements” workshop at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, have now posted the recordings of the event as well as a report summarising the talks. You could characterise this event as “Economic Sociology Meets Science and Technology Studies” (to borrow the subtitle of Pinch and Swedberg’s Living in a Material World book, some of whose contributors were also present), although there were plenty of people there from the wider reaches of sociology and anthropology, as well as business school academics. See photos here. This event followed in the now well-established tradition of stimulating inter- or cross-disciplinary encounters organised by the Oxford STS group (see e.g. Scalography, A Turn to Ontology, and the Does STS Mean Business workshops).

If you want to get to grips with this event, I suggest you start with reading the Provocation Piece [PDF] first, then read the Report [PDF], and then listen to the talks. I found particularly interesting Will Davies’ talk, who used the example of the change of the UK “sick note” form to a “fit note” to illustrate how the boundaries between the “economic” and the “social” get reconstituted; Fabian Muniesa’s talk on how marketplaces can be described in terms of “trials of explicitness”, drawing on Sloterdijk, Deleuze and ANT; Emmanuel Didier’s talk on the mechanics of how assemblages decompose, suggesting that the STS tradition in its focus on innovation neglected the issue of decay; and Linsey McGoey and Noortje Marres’ paper in which – similarly to Didier – they focused on “experimental failure,” presenting a typology of the ways in which experiments can fail.

STS seminars at Oxford

26 January 2009

Two interesting seminar series in STS coming up at Oxford:

Visiting Speakers Series, Hilary Term 2009
Governance, Accountability and Innovation in Turbulent Times
James Martin Institute Seminar Room
Saïd Business School
Tuesdays, 16.00 to 18.00

Javier Lezaun is the convenor of an interdisciplinary seminar series to explore the contemporary nexus of innovation, accountability and governance. How can we begin to conceptualise the emerging balances, and imbalances, between innovation dynamics, forms of accountability, and governance structures? Speakers will address problems and examples from the world of financial markets, innovation systems, risk management, policy-making, and environmental governance.

03 February
Noortje Marres (Goldsmiths College)
Invisible, nontoxic but not exactly odourless? Experiments in carbon-based living and postcalculative forms of engagement

10 February
Rob Hagendijk (University of Amsterdam)
Building National Innovation Systems in the Global South: Accountability, Politics and Democracy

17 February
Perri 6 (Nottingham Trent University)
Making people more responsible? The Blair governments’ programme for changing citizens’ behaviour

24 February
Mike Power (London School of Economics)
Risk Management as a Moral Order

03 March
Karel Williams (University of Manchester)
Governance, Conjuncture and Financial Innovation


Science and Technology Studies
Lunchtime Seminars

Hilary Term 2009
James Martin Institute Seminar Room
Saïd Business School
12.00 to 14.00

The Science and Technology Studies group at the JMI invites you to a series of irregular, informal but nevertheless substantial lunchtime seminars during Hilary Term. Three leading scholars in the field will be presenting their work in progress.

24 February
Kaushik Sunder Rajan (University of California, Irvine)
Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Logics, and Ideologies of Innovation in Indian Biomedicine

02 March
Fabian Muniesa (Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines de Paris)
Elements of Performativity in the Pedagogy of Business

19 March
Geoffrey Bowker (Santa Clara University)
Political and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology Studies – Stories from the Field

Do Economists Make Markets?

13 December 2007

Those interested in economic sociology, the performativity of markets, and the role of actor-network theory in producing these types of accounts might also be interested in Do Economists Make Markets? On the Performativity of Economics, a new book edited by Donald MacKenzie, Fabian Muniesa & Lucia Siu.


ANTHEM meets Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa

12 December 2007

On 7 December 2007 a few members of ANTHEM attended a memorable discussion session on the occasion of the launch of Market Devices, a volume edited by Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa. The book, published in the Sociological Review Monograph Series, is a collection of case studies on the performativity of markets, building on the efforts of Michel Callon to extend actor-network theory into the domain of economic sociology.