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The genealogy of weird realism

7 January 2009

Nick over at Speculative Heresy has posted 13 unpublished papers of Graham Harman that span more than a decade, shedding light on the trajectory leading to Harman’s object-orientated philosophy and his forthcoming book on Bruno Latour, The Prince of Networks. ANTHEM readers might be particularly interested in the earlier papers on Heidegger’s equipmentality and the initial assessments of Bruno Latour as a philosopher from 1999. There are also a number of other intriguing contrasts and fusions of philosophers such as Heidegger vs. Whitehead or Leibniz vs. Heidegger. There is even a paper on the resurrection of essence…

Intentional Objects for Non-Humans from Toulouse

21 December 2008

Toulouse was hopping this autumn. Hot on the heals of the “Performativity as Politics” conference in October another interesting gathering took place in Toulouse between 17-19 November 2008. It was the Pour une approche non-anthropologique de la subjectivité conference that among others included speakers such as Isabelle Stengers, Quentin Meillassoux and Graham Harman.

The text of Graham Harman’s talk, “Intentional Objects for Non-Humans,” is available for direct download as a PDF from here (if you want to read the abstract first, click here).

Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda

24 November 2008

As announced earlier,  we are expecting Graham Harman to join us at Thursday’s ANTHEM seminar. Dr Harman has also very kindly agreed to give us a talk, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, in order to summarise but also expand on the main points of the paper (“The Assemblage Theory of Society”) that he has shared with us. The title of his talk is “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda.” The main themes are realism, causation, emergence, assemblages, essence, DeLanda, Deleuze, Bhaskar, Latour, and Harman’s own (Heideggerian) object-orientated philosophy.