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Speculative realism recordings

7 November 2011

Readers in the past have requested an alternative way to download recordings from this site, as there were apparently some problems with downloading them from eSnips. I’m happy to report that Modestos Stavrakis has now very kindly rehosted the recordings on his blog, alongside a variety of recordings from other sources as well. See his Speculative Realism Recordings. Thank you, Modestos.

Graham Harman recordings

16 March 2010

As the links to the recordings of Graham Harman’s talks are scattered around the site in various blog posts, I created a separate page (Graham Harman Audio) where they are all compiled. I’ll also copy them into this post.

  • Listen to or download [100MB, MP3] – 1 hr 49 min recording of Graham Harman’s talk at the 21st Century Materialism Workshop, Zagreb, 20 June 2009
  • Listen – 1 hr 45 min recording of Graham Harman’s talk at University College Dublin (UCD), entitled “A New Theory of Substance”, with Dermot Moran as discussant, on 17 April 2009.
  • Listen – 1 hr 47 min recording of Graham Harman’s talk entitled “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda” and the discussion at the ANTHEM seminar, London School of Economics and Political Science, on 27 November 2008. Chaired by Peter Erdélyi.
  • Listen – 3 hrs 24 min recording of “The Harman Review: Bruno Latour’s Empirical Metaphysics” symposium at ISIG, LSE on 5 February 2008. Speakers are Bruno Latour and Graham Harman. The panelists are Lucas Introna and Noortje Marres. The event is introduced by Leslie Willcocks and chaired by Edgar Whitley. There are also audience questions and comments.
  • Listen – 1 hour recording of Graham Harman’s talk, “The Greatness of McLuhan,” on the metaphysics of the ‘tetrad’ of Marshall and Eric McLuhan, at the Media School at Bournemouth University on 4 February 2008. Introduction by Barry Richards and Peter Erdélyi.
  • Listen – 1 hr 15 min recording of Graham Harman’s talk “On the Origin of the Work of Art (atonal remix)” at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth on 1 February 2008. Introduction by Tammy Lu.
  • Listen – 1 hr 34 min recording of Graham Harman’s talk “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” at the Information Systems Research Forum, ISIG, LSE on 29 November 2007. Introduction by Aleksi Aaltonen and Peter Erdélyi.

Algorithmic Allure

19 December 2009

It is nice to learn from Graham Harman that his Bournemouth talk last year on Heidegger’s “origin of the work of art” essay has directly inspired this interesting forthcoming paper by Robert Jackson: “Heidegger, Harman and Algorithmic Allure.” That event was actually organised by Tammy Lu at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth (since then  renamed as the Arts University College at Bournemouth), although I was the one who took this crazy photo of Graham:

Three days later Graham gave another talk on “The Greatness of McLuhan” at the Media School at Bournemouth University. We posted the recordings of both talks on this blog and they both became quite popular, however the Heidegger talk has the edge: it has been downloaded 1,027 times since 8 February 2008, as opposed to the 884 downloads of the McLuhan talk.

Strangely, both of these talks are more popular than Harman’s first lecture at the LSE  “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” on 29 November 2007, which has been downloaded 778 times, even though that was the event that launched the Heideggero-Latourian project most explicitly. I would have thought that the juxtaposition of Heidegger and Latour and the invocation of Latour’s concept of the plasma would be provocatively alluring (or alluringly provocative) enough to attract more attention. But the most popular Harman download (besides the respectable 1,688 downloads of the Harman Review itself) seems to be his “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda” from November 2008, with 1,385 downloads since then.

[Although I should hasten to add that these figures are somewhat misleading, as both the plasma talk and the Harman Review are also available on the LSE website, so probably just as many people if not more would have downloaded them from there. As for the DeLanda talk, it received a boost after being listed on Speculative Heresy.]

Jackson’s paper sounds very interesting though, so I’ll reproduce his abstract here:


Harman on DeLanda recording fixed

4 December 2008

It appears that in recent days the audio file of Graham Harman’s talk on Manuel DeLanda has become corrupted on eSnips, the free data storage service we use for hosting the ANTHEM recordings. We are not sure if it happened because of the volume of downloads (over 160 in a few days) or because of a change in service quality at eSnips, which has been recently acquired by another firm. In any case, after a number of failed attempts we have managed to upload a fresh copy of the file, which seems to work fine for now. Here is the link to the audio recording once more. Apologies for these technical problems, and also for the overbearing advertising on eSnips. Up until now we were fairly happy with this service but we may have to look for an alternative solution if these problems keep recurring. Any suggestions for other free file hosting services would be most welcome.

Recording of Graham Harman’s talk on Manuel DeLanda

28 November 2008

A recording of Graham Harman’s ANTHEM seminar talk at the LSE yesterday, entitled “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda,” and the discussion that followed, is available here (1 hr 47 min). A PDF file of the PowerPoint slides can be downloaded from here.

Harman evaluated the ontological assumptions behind DeLanda’s realism, his notion of assemblage and his theory of causation, by tracing their origins in Deleuze and Bhaskar, among others. He then contrasted DeLanda’s ontology with that of Bruno Latour and concluded by presenting his own object-orientated approach to thinking about causation, objects, and emergence.


Recording of ANTHEM session 11-Dec-07

13 December 2007

The recording (2 hours 23 minutes) of this week’s ANTHEM session is now available. We discussed the concluding chapters of Latour’s Reassembling the Social.


Recording of Graham Harman’s talk on Heidegger and Latour

30 November 2007

The slides and the MP3 recording (1 hour 29 minutes) of Graham Harman‘s talk “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” are now available on the ISRF website. A more complete WMA recording (1 hour 34 minutes) is also available in the ANTHEM audio folder.

Recording of ANTHEM session 13-Nov-07

14 November 2007

Here is a recording (46 minutes) of this week’s discussion. The reading schedule can be viewed here.

Recording of ANTHEM session 30-Oct-07

31 October 2007

A recording of the second ANTHEM session of the current term is available here (2 hours 13 minutes). The reading schedule can be accessed here.

Recording of ANTHEM session 16-Oct-07

29 October 2007

The first ANTHEM session of the current term from 16 October 2007 had been recorded and posted on this site. Click here to listen (1 hour 22 minutes). Further details on the current reading schedule are available here.