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The Deleuzian ‘Spatium’ and its ‘Becoming’

23 January 2009

An interesting ISRF seminar coming up at ISIG, LSE on 29 January 2009, exploring the connections between Heidegger and Deleuze in relation to technology and organisations:

Information Systems Research Forum

Rethinking Technological Change in Organizations: The Deleuzian ‘Spatium’ and its ‘Becoming’

Eleni Lamprou

Thursday 29 January 2009

In this presentation, I wish to address the potential contribution of the ontology provided by the French process philosopher Gilles Deleuze to the study of technological change in organizations. In the first part of the presentation, the connections of Deleuze’s work to the work of Martin Heidegger are outlined, as I explore the concept of the ‘spatium’. The ‘spatium’ enfolds Deleuze’s understanding that the physical position of people and technological artefacts within space lends only a partial understanding of the manner in which they actually relate. In the second part, I seek to theorize the manner in which such relationships actually develop through elaborating on Deleuze’s conceptualization of ‘becoming’. Emphasis is placed on what is portrayed by Deleuze as the motor of the ‘becoming’ process, namely, the ‘event’. The ideas presented in this seminar are drawn from the theoretical framework of my doctoral dissertation.


Recording of Noortje Marres’s ISRF talk

8 February 2008

Click here to listen to (1 hour 33 minutes) or download (43.2MB) the recording of Noortje Marres’s talk “Devising Affectedness: Eco-Homes and the Making of Material Publics” delivered at the Information Systems Research Forum at ISIG, LSE on 24 January 2008. The slides and a video recording of the talk are available on the ISRF page.

Noortje Marres on material practices of publicity

10 January 2008

On Thursday 24 January 2008 from 12:00 to 13:30 Noortje Marres will be giving an ISRF talk at ISIG at the London School of Economics and Political Science entitled “Devising Affectedness: Eco-Homes and the Making of Material Publics.” (more…)

Recording of Graham Harman’s talk on Heidegger and Latour

30 November 2007

The slides and the MP3 recording (1 hour 29 minutes) of Graham Harman‘s talk “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” are now available on the ISRF website. A more complete WMA recording (1 hour 34 minutes) is also available in the ANTHEM audio folder.

Graham Harman on Heidegger and Latour

29 October 2007

Graham Harman will be giving a talk entitled “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” at ISIG at the LSE at 12:00 on Thursday 29 November 2007.