Resonance: Specificities of Change w/in Systems & Entities


Curatorial duo Rivet (Sarah Demeuse and Manuela Moscoso) considers resonance, a notion they take from philosopher Levi Bryant’s The Democracy of Objects, as a guiding term to reconsider perspectives on, and interactions in, the world. Informed by their current exhibitions, Resonance at the Goethe-Institut New York and Resonance and Repetition on view at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, as well as by ongoing discussions with collaborators and artists, their talk highlights artistic projects and so touches upon current models of representation, resistance, and withdrawal.
In particular, they aim to consider and provisionally answer the following questions in this presentation: Why or whence the current increasing interest in the arts in thingness or human and non-human entanglements? Where do marks of distinctions between subjects and objects become unstable? What can we glean from this instability and resonance? In what kind of regimes of attraction can the art object participate, and what may it do differently from other objects?

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