Heidegger, Art, Architecture, Karsten Harries


Heidegger, Art, Architecture, Karsten Harries

via Richard Marshall @ http://www.3ammagazine.com

Karsten Harries is a philosopher who has spent a lifetime thinking about the purpose of philosophy, about architecture, about Heidegger, about why Heidegger thought there was something wrong with aestheticism, about Heidegger’s refusal to accept the separation of art from the sacred, on why this doesn’t work anymore, on Heidegger’s ontological conception of the beautiful, on why Heidegger’s discussion of art is completely subordinate to his question around Being, on why the battle between idealism and realism has no resolution, on Heidegger’s decorated shed, on pessimism, on Holderlin, on how his approach to architecture differs from Heidegger’s, on the relevance of Kant, on the ethical function of architecture, on whether buildings should be treated as texts, on the valid way of life for the modernist, on whether modern architecture has lost its way and what philosophers can offer architecture.



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