Bio-con-fusions, Monika Bakke


In this talk I will focus on the contemporary practices of trans-species mixing, mingling and blending happening both on the level of food webs and the direct intervention into materiality of life practiced by scientists, bioengineers and artists. But all this is also present on the level of convictions and desires shaping individual and social practices. Bio-con-fusions, positioning humans at loose ends, significantly challenge anthropocentric hierarchies and therefore contribute to the development of nonhuman-friendly attitudes. They shift our attention from human subject to nonhuman life forms such as animals, plants, microbes and also towards life forms which exist and survive only with the technological support. Confusion may be only a temporary symptom of a highly invigorating shift from the anthropocentric stupor of the rigid subject isolated from other life forms to the much-needed multiple subject operating in a mode of continuity and symbiosis.

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