Enveloping the World How Reality Is Becoming AI Friendly, Luciano Floridi


Nanotechnology, the Internet of Things, Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Cloud computing, motion-capturing games, smart phones apps, GPS, Augmented Reality, Artificial Companions, drones… is there a unifying perspective from which all these ICT phenomena might be interpreted as aspects of a single, macroscopic trend? Part of the difficulty, in answering this question, is that we are still used to looking at ICTs as tools to interact with the world, when in fact they have become environmental forces, which are creating and shaping (that is, re-ontologising) our reality, more and more pervasively. To put it briefly, the answer may lie in realising that ICTs are enveloping the world – In robotics, an envelope (also known as reach envelope) is the three-dimensional space that defines the boundaries that the robot can reach.

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