Ulrich Beck vs. Bruno Latour


Installing (Social) Order

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A decade ago, Latour and Beck went at it in the pages of Duke University Press’s journal Common Knowledge, writing, arguably, some of the most read material in the modest journal’s history. The topic in question was about peace at a time of advancing cosmopolitanism. After reading the debate, I wonder why it never really “grabbed” STSers the way, for example, that the papers from Collins/Yearly vs. Callon/Latour are seen as a kind of classic “battle royale”?

At any rate, check them out for yourself (in this order):

Beck 2004 “THE TRUTH OF OTHERS: A Cosmopolitan Approach”: (doi: 10.1215/0961754X-10-3-430)

Latour 2005 “WHOSE COSMOS, WHICH COSMOPOLITICS?: Comments on the Peace Terms of Ulrich Beck”: (doi:10.1215/0961754X-10-3-450, the most cited article in Common Knowledge’s history by January 2014)

Beck 2005 “NEITHER ORDER NOR PEACE: A Response to Bruno Latour”: (doi:10.1215/0961754X-11-1-1 )

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