Technology of Process as Assemblage, Rachel Armstrong


Beyond AI: Artificial Golem Intelligence (BAI2013),
The Embodied Mind:
My research is not directed towards developing a theory of mind per se, but exists as an experimental practice situated within the field of Natural Computing, which offers an embodied approach towards developing a computational foundation for the experience of conscious awareness by using an experimental chemical system that exhibits lifelike phenomena (Armstrong and Hanczyc, 2013). My work examines a range of phenomena associated with the self-assembly of a particular kind of chemical computing experienced through Bütschli droplets. These simple chemistries were first described by Otto Bütschli in 1892 and spontaneously emerge when concentrated alkali solution is added to a field of olive oil (Bütschli, 1892). The solution spreads out and breaks up into millimeter scale droplets that exhibit lifelike chemical processes that include movement, sensitivity, the production of microstructures and population scale behaviours

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