Cyborg Art- Prefigurative, Performative, Inhuman, Hybrid? C.H.Gray


Culture, including art, is natural. Since humans are makers this means art is fundamentally a techno-social, hybrid system of the mental, the biological, the machinic and the inert. New understandings allow for new technosciences which produce new social conditions that lead to new understandings, all the while this dance means the creation of new artistic practices (artivism, maketivism, prefiguration, performing cyborg citizenship, sousveillance, hypernatural) and theoretical claims (cyborg art, hybrid art, bioart, eco art, infoart, inhuman art, symbiotic art, digital art, inorganic agency). What are we to make of this proliferation? Do we know what we like and does that make a difference? What can we know when we are the flawed instruments of knowing? Should (can?) art be part of helping the world through its current crisis or can it only be an escape from it?

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