Autogenesis: Life Before Genetics by Terrence Deacon


SETI talk on autogenesis and the outer solar system:
The approach Dr. Deacon will outline begins from an unstated conundrum about the origins of life. The initial transition to a life-like process necessarily exemplified two almost inconceivably incompatible properties: 1) it must have involved exceedingly simple molecular interactions, and 2) it must have embodied a thermodynamic organization with the unprecedented capacity to locally compensate for spontaneous thermodynamic degradation as well as to stabilize one or more intrinsically self-destroying self-organizing processes.
This talk will explore the origins of life problem by attempting to identify the necessary and sufficient molecular relationships able to embody these two properties. From this perspective Dr. Deacon will develop a model system – autogenesis – that redefines biological information and opens the search for life’s origin to cosmic and planetary contexts seldom considered.


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