Making the Machines of Tomorrow – Nick Land


panel Q&A

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  1. Michael- Says:

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    I am still trying to wrap my head around Land’s creepy machinic neo-con futurism, so maybe this will help open some doors..?

    • dmfant Says:

      I would think that it might only add to your confusion as he seems like such a low-key fellow here but will be interested in what you make of it all.

  2. noir-realism Says:

    His take of the terminator effect that is the processual truth of our world itself over vast timescales was to me an almost corollary appendage to Reza Negarastani’s notions in Cyclonopedia of the Oil Entity in it subterranean interactions across time and our Sun Economy, etc. Of course he was speaking of the affectual relations of horror here.

    • dmfant Says:

      thanks I’m quite interested in questions/implications of scale, still haven’t found a copy of Cyclonopedia to read but it’s on the list.

      • noir-realism Says:

        Oh, you might check out the essays in Leper Creativity as well which was a symposium held on the Cyclonopedia. Very informative with a new essay by Negarastani as well.

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