Ethnography of and as Prototyping Culture, George Marcus


synthetic zerØ

ha, maybe the time for prototypes has arrived:
“Researchers working in different fields (anthropology, communication, sociology) met to discuss on social experimentation, do-it-yourself science and beta-knowledge.But, why prototypes? Because they have acquired certain prominence and visibility in recent times. Software development is perhaps the case in point, where the release of non-stable versions of programmes has become commonplace, as is famously the case in free and open source software. Developers are here known for releasing beta or work-in-progress versions of their programmes, as an invitation or call for others to contribute their own developments and closures. But prototyping has also become an important currency of explanation and description in art-technology contexts, where the emphasis is on the productive and processual aspects of experimentation. Medialabs, hacklabs, community and social art collectives or open collaborative websites are further spaces and sites where prototyping and experimentation have taken hold as both modes of…

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