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How’s my feedback? Evaluating Evaluation Regimes with Steve Woolgar & Co.

30 November 2013
Oxford School of Anthro @

Evidence-Based What? by Richard Sparks

30 November 2013

Today, the study of knowledge production, knowledge formats and knowledge politics is being developed across a wide variety of research fields. Along with the work of scholars such as Ian Hacking, Mary Poovey, and Bruno Latour, the work of the late Green College Principal, Richard Ericson, have all on policing, risk, the news media, and the insurance industry made an important contribution not only to these substantive areas but also to the methodological tools that scholars use in their everyday study of knowledge‐power processes.

Feminism, Technology & Systems with Lucy Suchman & Katherine Gibson Graham

29 November 2013

Techno-scientific bodies and living tools, Ionat Zurr

29 November 2013

Neolifism: Life removed from context, Oron Catts

29 November 2013

Valuation Studies Journal with Annemarie Mol & Co.

28 November 2013

Valuation Studies Journal with Annemarie Mol & Co.

Valuation Studies is committed to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. The journal provides a space for the assessment and diffusion of research that is produced at the interface of a variety of approaches from several disciplines, including: sociology, economic sociology, science and technology studies, management and organization studies, social and cultural anthropology, market studies, institutional perspectives in economics, accounting studies, cultural geography, philosophy, and literary studies.

Bio-technic Operationalism & the New Anti-Politics, Anne-Marie Oliver

27 November 2013
see also her work on the “shape” of collapse:

Sensing Cities: Monica Degen

26 November 2013

Latour wonders Is there an ANT at the beginning of ANThropology?

25 November 2013

Latour wonders Is there an ANT at the beginning of ANThropology?

as a rule I try not to post things locked away behind the paywall but this seemed timely given the recent round of serious criticisms in response to Bruno’s new book, and in particular those of us who have been lamenting his apparent move away from empirical/field work, so my thanks to for the link and a plea for open-access on behalf of those of us laboring in the diaspora.


Unsettled Practices – Work and Expert Knowledge, Michael Hardt &Co.

25 November 2013

Global Crisis conference with speakers: Michael Hardt, Duke University; Kaushik Sunder Rajan, University of Chicago. Discussant: Andreas Glaeser, University of Chicago