Beware of Allies! Notes on Analytical Hygiene in Actor-Network Account-making


Beware of Allies! Notes on Analytical Hygiene in Actor-Network Account-making

paper from our comrades Passoth & Rowland @

Abstract: In science and technology studies(STS), reflexivity is not the foremost political or ethical concern that  it  is  for some  postmodernists, feminists, anthropologists, or  those earnest  students of  Bourdieu.For us,reflexivity is a practical methodological concern.When reflexivity is raised in our scholarly communications it is, without irony, about crafting scientific communications (i.e..scholarly accounts like articles or books) reflexively. This paper therefore is an actor-network account of making reflexive actor-network accounts, specifically, in the process of writing-up qualitative research findings. It is a paper about research. It is a paper about the research  process.  As our empirical contribution, we report on research we previously conducted and about the subsequent steps we took toward a (publishable) way of reporting it. We are trying to honestly disclose how the  process  of  preparing  a  reflexive account is more than merely a matter of cleaning-up the messiness of data, but also, and perhaps foremost, a process of finding, aligning, and occasionally distancing our accounts from  our  allies

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  1. Nicholas Says:

    Funny thing is that we wrote a good amount of the front-end build on the blog over the last year or so.

    Reflexivity and Lab Life:

    ANT and ethnography:

    More recently, on Wallace, the author, and reflexivity:

    Style and STS:

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