One-day conference at the University of Warwick: ‘The New Social-ism’ – 11th December 2013


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‘The New Social-ism’ – 11th December 2013

What is knowable, valuable and visible in the emerging social economy?

A one-day conference hosted by Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

10am-6pm, 11th December 2013

Room MS.03, University of Warwick

The era of ‘advanced liberalism’ or ‘neoliberalism’ was characterized by an expansion of economic rationalities and methodologies, beyond the limits of the market. Sociology, social policy and other forms of social expertise were amongst the victims of this ‘economic imperialism’, leading to an apparent ‘death of the social’ (Rose, 1996).

Today, however, appeals to the ‘social’ are everywhere: ‘social enterprise’, ‘social media’, ‘social neuroscience’, ‘social prescribing’, ‘social marketing’, ‘social analytics’, ‘social innovation’. This is thanks partly to the affordances of new techniques of accounting, network visualization and behavioural analysis, many of which take advantage of the ubiquitous digitization of market and non-market activity. The social world can be seen, quantified and influenced via…

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