Robin Mackay from The Matter of Contradiction


synthetic zero

“Superposing philosophical treatise / action thriller / site-specific work, surface will be read as symptom, and the investigator as already implicated in the contingencies of the plot, as new perspectives are opened up on the perennial philosophical question of how local and contingent phenomena focalize and express the universal – with the latter understood not as universal ratio or Hegelian Geist, but as the ‘universal history of material contingency’ invoked in Deleuze and Guattari’s Capitalism and Schizophrenia.
What is called for is a combination of CSI: Earth (examining the terrestrial crime scene and making objects speak) and a Bourne Identity-style quest (a search for identities lost in an ever-deepening web of cosmic conspiracy): A new mode of investigation that combines Freud and Ferenczi’s model of trauma and an abstraction of the ‘time-travelling’ and narrative methods of psychoanalysis, with a reading of earth sciences and natural sciences as resources for a…

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