Gestes Spéculatifs – Day 3: Bruno Latour



Here, finally, is the second of Day 3’s lecture, given by Bruno Latour with a commentary by Donna Harraway. The original title of the talk was to be: “Quelle guerre doit avoir épuisé quels combattants pour que la diplomatie soit prise au sérieux?” (“Which war must have exhausted which combatants for diplomacy to be taken seriously?”). I’m not sure what the actual title was in the end, but it was certainly about morphisms and involved a fairly total deviation from what I was expecting.

* * *

Latour presented us the ‘angel of geostory’ – who features in his recent Gifford Lectures: a short video clip of a woman walking backwards towards the camera, facing her past, suddenly turning around to face the future and, in absolute horror, fleeing, before finally turning around to face what is coming… This is our modern predicament: eyes glued on the past…

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