Google / Arctic / Mars Round Table

On May 8th, 2012 we heard from a range of speakers—some via Skype—discussing sovereignty, governance, and the nation-state itself in a range of geographic and spatial scenarios, from the Arctic to the Internet.
Joining us were architect Ed Keller; Benjamin Bratton,from the Center for Design and Geopolitics; Tom Cohen, co-editor with Claire Colebrook of the Critical Climate Change series from Open Humanities Press; novelist Peter Watts; architect and urbanist Adrian Lahoud, author of Post-Traumatic Urbanism; and Dylan Trigg, author of, among other things, The Aesthetics of Decay.
This moderated round-table discussion explored a joint research project underway this spring for which Ed Keller, Benjamin Bratton, and Geoff Manaugh have been looking at what they call Google/Arctic/Mars, analyzing the emergence of a new geography—from the virtual to the off-world—and speculating as to its future political organization.

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