Lars Spuybroek “the sympathy of things”

The student organized event THE POLITICS OF DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE: COMPLEXITY, RESPONSIBILITY AND THE PRODUCTION OF SPACE took place at the 13th of June, 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck. It included a lecture by Lars Spuybroek and a discussion moderated by Jan Willmann. Lars Spuybroek has been researching the relationship between art, architecture and computing since the early 1990s. He received international recognition after building the HtwoOexpo in 1997, the first building in the world that incorporates new media and consists of a continuous geometry. With his Rotterdam-based office NOX he built the D-Tower, an interactive structure changing color with the emotions of the inhabitants of a city (in collaboration with Q. S. Serafijn), and the Son-O-house, a public artwork that generates music by visitors exploring the space (in collaboration with Edwin van der Heide).

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