Guesswork: System, Science, and the Advancement of Knowledge


Guesswork: System, Science, and the Advancement of Knowledge

This is the second of two Leverhulme Re:Enlightenment Lectures by Clifford Siskin. These lectures examine how knowledge gets stuck and the strategies for restarting it. Ranging from past to present–and back–they link Galileo’s and Bacon’s efforts to advance knowledge to efforts to scale up to new possibilities today. The first lecture highlights the “good fortune” (Bacon) of new tools, by debuting one. Like Galileo’s spyglass, “Tectonics” zooms in–in this case, to clarify how our modern disciplines emerged from Enlightenment. The second lecture zooms out to reconsider the history of science in terms of Newton choosing “system” as his tool for guesswork.

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