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Christopher Fynsk: Public, Alterity, Equipment

19 February 2013

Christopher Fynsk, Heidegger scholar and literary theorist, talking about public, slaves, justice, alterity, linguistics, community, solidarity, hospitality, phenomenology, metaphysics, estellung, deconstruction, erlibnis, gestalt, refering to Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art, Hölderlin, Being and Time, Jean-Paul Satre, Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Blanchot, Jean Luc Nancy, Van Gogh.

Bernard Stiegler: The Proletarianization of Sensibility

18 February 2013

Beth Preston: A Philosophy of Material Culture

15 February 2013

Beth Preston: A Philosophy of Material Culture

Preston approaches her subject from two basic vantage points: the philosophy of action, to consider the nature of production and use of material culture, and the philosophy of function, to consider the nature of the items that are produced and used. In doing so she breaks new ground in understanding collaboration and improvisation, and draws on work on biological and system functions to develop a concept of ‘function’ appropriate to understanding the functions of the items we make and use. See also:

Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality, by Timothy Morton

14 February 2013

Timothy Morton’s new book, Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality, is the latest in the New Metaphysics series at Open Humanities Press. The open access HTML version is now available here. PDF and paperback to follow.

Object-oriented ontology offers a startlingly fresh way to think about causality that takes into account developments in physics since 1900. Causality, argues, OOO, is aesthetic. In this book, Timothy Morton explores what it means to say that a thing has come into being, that it is persisting, and that it has ended. Drawing from examples in physics, biology, ecology, art, literature and music, Morton demonstrates the counterintuitive yet elegant explanatory power of OOO for thinking causality.

Cover art by Tammy Lu, cover design by Katherine Gillieson.

Realist Magic - Timothy Morton

Latour: On Space Time Foam

14 February 2013

On Space Time Foam, the artwork conceived and realised by Tomás Saraceno for HangarBicocca, can be said to be inspired by many different areas of knowledge and can be interpreted under different perspectives: a vision of the possible individual and social relationships; a metaphor of the most advanced theories of physics; a utopic architecture which transforms the space; an experiment of social psychology.

Steven Shapin: The Science of Subjectivity

13 February 2013

Panel 4 of the Rethinking the Human Sciences conference
Chair: Akeel Bilgrami (Philosophy, Columbia University)
“The Science of Subjectivity”
Steven Shapin (History of Sciences, Harvard University)
“The Return of Meaning”
James Gleick (author of ‘Chaos’ and ‘The Information’)
Respondent: Marwa Elshakry (History of Science, Columbia University)

Latour & Stengers behind closed doors?

12 February 2013

Latour & Stengers behind closed doors?

does anyone have any info to share on the : Transdisciplinarity Project, Workshop 4: Modes of Thought, Modes of Existence (After ANT) ?

Massumi & Manning: on developing LabSense

11 February 2013

Of Minds and Magnets:
Using the Erin Manning project “Folds to Infinity” as described in the SubStance article “Fiery, Luminous, Scary,” this roundtable will explore the interdisciplinary setting of knowledge production. The Massumi/Manning Sense Lab will serve as a consideration of the laboratorium or work of the senses in neurotypical and neurodiverse rhetoric and performance

Latour live-streaming Gifford Lectures

10 February 2013

Latour live-streaming Gifford Lectures

via G. Harman ( info on watching Latour live or later on video:

Facing Gaia: A New Enquiry into Natural Religion1828 February 2012, 5.30pm – 6.30pm


Latour: The End of Nature as a Way to Organize our Polity

7 February 2013

Latour: The End of Nature as a Way to Organize our Polity

Latour talks @ the Townsend Center:

“Bringing the Sciences into Democracy”

April 18, 2000

“Politics of Nature”

April 06, 2000