Latour’s call for co-investigators


For his “An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence” project:

For a philosophy that is empirical and not simply empiricist, investigation offers the only way to ferret out its concepts and then put them to the test before proposing a version that can be submitted to critique by its peers. And yet, even though investigation as a genre benefits from a distinguished and intimidating prestige in philosophy, it is fairly unusual for an author to propose to carry out an investigation with the participation of his readers. This is nevertheless what I propose to do in publishing a book titled An Inquiry into Modes of Existence: An Anthropology of the Moderns, alongside a digital site that allows its visitors, who will have become co-investigators, to inspect its arguments and go on to suggest other fields to study, other proofs, other accounts. By means of this arrangement I invite my co-investigators to help me find the guiding thread of the experience by becoming attentive to several regimes of truth, which I call modes of existence, after the strange book by Étienne Souriau, recently republished, that features this phrase in its title.

More here. H/t AIME. The video is definitely worth watching: it provides a succinct and clear summary of what otherwise sounds like a rather complex project.


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  1. stuartelden Says:

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    […] Latour’dan çağrı var, varoluş kiplerine birlikte bakalım […]

  3. TheGreat Hungarian Says:

    for humberto maturana the multiversa was somewhat of a conceptual illustration or a theoretic point, but here we are really getting into the archaeology, phenomenology, and as he says, diplomacy of the multiversa. i hope i am not being hasty in suggesting this, but I think the second order cyberneticists generally have been quietly going about this in their own way, but theirs has a kind of cognitivist or solipsist residue. primacy is given to the human as a model builder and the model is an internalization or ordering of experience. it is still the Cartesian paradigm of the agent in the head who has the model which is like a map or blueprint or some kind of idea which is a representation of his experience in the world. there is still that seizure. i think we are getting to the meat of things with this approach. we have this plurality. lets treat these worlds themselves, lets not say that they are all instantiations of this general second order model building process, but lets give them their full course. this is a very ecologic approach. we are far off from the desert ontology of quine in this territory

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