Transcendence and Immanence


The 2011 vol. 3 issue of Analecta Hermenutica is now open access with downloadable PDFs. It contains a number of contributions on speculative realism, object-oriented ontology and actor-network theory, including a piece by Jay Foster, “Ontologies without Metaphysics: Latour, Harman and the Philosophy of Things,” which discusses at length the February 2008 debate between Harman and Latour at the LSE (published as The Prince and the Wolf).

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2 Responses to “Transcendence and Immanence”

  1. Dan Kristian Kristensen Says:

    Just an observation – Jay Foster put forward the famous Latour quote
    “there are four things that do not work with actor-network theory; the word “actor,” the word “network,” the word “theory” and the hyphen!”
    from the 1999 paper “On recalling ANT” however in “Reassembling the social” on page 9 Latour takes the opposite standpoint and says he will now defend all of them – including the hyphen!

    I am not entirely convinced that it is terrible important in the greater perspective, but I just found it interesting.

  2. PE Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read an article on Latour that hasn’t mentioned that quote :)

    In fact in “Reassembling the social” Latour even introduced another hyphen (actor-network-theory), which doesn’t seem to have caught on.

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