At the limits of individual human rationality…


…the social steps in and takes over – at least in my home town of Bournemouth. Should you get so drunk on a Saturday night between 10pm and 3am that you can no longer rely on your cognitive and physical capacities or your gadgets to get home, do not despair: Safe Bus will come to your rescue.

Bournemouth Safe Bus aims to help drunken party-goers

POLICE in Bournemouth say the Safe Bus will be hitting the town centre every Saturday night this year to help the town’s vulnerable people and drunken partygoers. (…) Inspector Dean O’Connor, of Bournemouth and Poole Police, said: “The Safe Bus helps people who are drunk, injured or lost. Those who have come out, had too much to drink, lost their mobile phone and can’t get home. It’s for those who have fallen over and are injured, those who have become a victim of an assault, or those who are just so intoxicated they are unable to look after themselves.”

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