A nice ANT story


Enemies of ANT should beware of their opponents’ collective memory: “Ants remember their enemy’s scent.”

Ant colonies – one of nature’s most ancient and efficient societies – are able to form a “collective memory” of their enemies, say scientists. When one ant fights with an intruder from another colony it retains that enemy’s odour: passing it on to the rest of the colony. (…) Lead researcher Prof Mark Elgar explained to BBC Nature that all of the ants in the colony were able to draw on the experience of one worker. He described this as collective or “corporate wisdom”.


3 Responses to “A nice ANT story”

  1. Michael Flower Says:

    Hmm…shared enemy scent as assemblage enabler.

  2. PE Says:

    Great summary, Michael, that should have been the title of the post!

  3. Juan Espinosa Cristia Says:

    hahahahahaha…fantastic stuff!

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