Enemies like Bruno Latour


Two recordings of talks in the “My Best Fiend” series at Goldsmiths discussing Latour (among others), by David Oswell from Goldsmiths and Steve Fuller from the University of Warwick, have now been made available at the CSISP blog.

  • David Oswell: ‘Dances with Wolves: Latour, Machiavelli and Us’ (December 6th, 2011) [The first part of the title in fact alludes to the “wolf” metaphor that emerged from The Prince and the Wolf debate]
  • Steve Fuller: ‘Bruno Latour and Some Notes on Some Also Rans’ (December 13th, 2011)

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    […] Enemies of ANT should beware of their opponents’ collective memory: “Ants remember their enemy’s scent.” Ant colonies – one of nature’s most ancient and efficient societies – are able to form a “collective memory” of their enemies, say scientists. When one ant fights with an intruder from another colony it retains that enemy’s odour: passing it on to the rest of the colony. (…) Lead researcher Prof Mark Elgar explained to BBC Nature that all of the ants in the colony were able to draw on the experience of one worker. He described this as collective or “corporate wisdom”. Share this:ShareEmailPrintFacebookTwitterDiggRedditStumbleUponLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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    […] to the ANTHEM Blog I saw this today and I feel sad that I was not able to be in London in December. Although the […]

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