Václav Havel or Kim Jong-il?


Ex-president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic Václav Havel died on Sunday; the North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-il’s death was announced on Monday. If you were the Russian President or Prime Minister, who would you express your condolences to first? To the democratically elected representatives of the Czech people who had lost a much loved champion of democracy who led them to freedom in a bloodless revolution, or to Kim Jong-un, the unelected heir to the throne of an unelected dictator who had tormented his people for decades and had been threatening the world with nuclear weapons?  The Kremlin rushed to send its condolences to North Korea, but it has not demonstrated any expression of  sympathy towards the Czech people for the second day running. That tells you everything you need to know about the values of the Russian government of today.


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    Wow. That’s all I can say, Peter.

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