News of the World


A copy of The Prince and the Wolf arrived in the post today!

Oh, yeah. In other news, the 168 year-old News of the World, the biggest-selling English language newspaper in the world has been sacrificed by the Murdoch empire, in its attempt to cleanse itself of some really bad karma. Apparently even the Prince’s knee had something to do with its downfall according to The Telegraph.

Generally I’m not a big fan of tabloids but I’m a bit shocked to see how someone can decide overnight to expunge a piece of British cultural history. The analogy that comes to mind is that of a historical building. Were the Murdochs to own the Tower of London and suddenly find out that some bad things were going on in there under their watch, would they be allowed to just knock the place down to purify themselves? Not to mention that police investigations are ongoing and a couple of public inquiries are on the way, while the organisation in question is shut down on 3 days’ notice without any prior internal or external consultation…


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