ANT unconference at Western Ontario


Reshaping Interdisciplinary Education 2011: Facilitation of Dialogic Spaces across Disciplinary Boundaries,” 13 May 2011. Faculty of Education, Community Room, University of Western Ontario.


Graduate education at the doctoral level can be a solitary experience. This sense of solitude can be further compounded when a student selects a research path that does not seem to conform to traditional, discipline-demanded topics or methodologies. Over the summer of 2009, through a series of meetings, four doctoral students and one professor began forming a relationship that has started to lay the foundation for what they believe will turn out to be a robust think-tank of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. The doctoral students (representing the disciplines of business, health professional education, nursing, and education) came together out of a common interest in an innovative methodology, Actor-Network Theory (ANT) (Latour, 2005). Through this ongoing interaction, they began occasioning what they came to label as an interdisciplinary dialogic space (Saeed, 2010).

About the unconference

A collective interest in a framework not only assisted in the alignment of research interests, but also facilitated in developing momentum to formalize the group’s efforts into a larger, more strategic interdisciplinary movement. This day long unconference, which is participant-driven event, is a step in this direction, and the organizers invite all who are interested in reshaping education across disciplinary boundaries. Being inclusive, this is not an exclusively ANT-centered event and the organizers invite all voices and perspectives. Admission is free.

Please contact Richard Booth ( if you intend to attend or have any questions regarding this event.

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