The ANT and the SPIDER


Here at ANTHEM we like discussions between fairytale characters like PRINCES and WOLVES, especially if they are talking about social theory and philosophy. So here is a hilarious exchange between an ANT and a SPIDER about actor-network theory. It should raise a chuckle or two:

Ingold, T. (2008). When ANT Meets SPIDER: Social Theory for Arthropods. Material Agency. C. Knappett and L. Malafouris: Springer US: 209-215.

‘You are SPIDER, and you stand for the proposition that Skilled Practice Involves Developmentally Embodied Responsiveness. I appreciate your views; they are indeed worth their weight IN GOLD (which is very little, I might add, since you are such a lightweight creature). But I am ANT. I stand for Actor Network Theory. Not for nothing am I known as THE TOWER among arthropods. For my philosophy towers over yours’.

Thank you to Van Troi Tran for the link.

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