Philosophy & Technology first issue


Table of contents of the first issue coming out in March (articles already available online):

Philosophy & Technology

  • Harmonising Physis and Techne: The Mediating Role of Philosophy
    • Luciano Floridi
  • Imaging Technology and the Philosophy of Causality
    • George Darby and Jon Williamson
  • Web of Data and Web of Entities: Identity and Reference in Interlinked Data in the Semantic Web
    • Paolo Bouquet, Heiko Stoermer and Massimiliano Vignolo
  • Dirty Hands, Speculative Minds, and Smart Machines
    • Diane P. Michelfelder
  • Bootstrapping Normativity
    • Graham White
  • Action Schemes: Questions and Suggestions
    • Evan Selinger, Jesús Aguilar and Kyle Powys Whyte
  • Why Theories of Causality Need Production: an Information Transmission Account
    • Phyllis McKay Illari
  • Husserl’s Galileo Needed a Telescope!
    • Don Ihde
  • Should Probabilistic Design Replace Safety Factors?
    • Neelke Doorn and Sven Ove Hansson
  • The Here and Now: Theory, Technology, and Actuality
    • Albert Borgmann
  • Acknowledging Substances: Looking at the Hidden Side of the Material World
    • Hans Peter Hahn and Jens Soentgen


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  1. S.C. Hickman Says:


    Just recently began reading Albert Borgmann and his works, as well as a few of the critiques for and agaisnt aspects of his philosophical vision. This journal might open me and others to other explorations in philosophy as it touches base with technics…

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