Police vs. children


It looks very much like police were specifically targeting children during the student protest in London on 24 November. In this video for instance police are preventing a group of very young-looking teenagers from entering McDonalds, pushing them into the marching crowd, while leaving adult passers-by alone. Anyone who ended up among the protesters then was “kettled”, i.e. locked behind a police cordon and kept there for 7 or so hours in the freezing cold. It is unlikely that this sort of policing is going to endear the Metropolitan Police to the younger generations…

Here are some further photos with an eye-witness account: part 1, part 2, part 3.

The following video is an overview of the day, with a number of interviews, including some with 14-year olds who the police wouldn’t let go. (Look out for the smiling policeman boasting to his colleagues that “I just punched somebody” at 9:12)

Finally, Sky News seems to provide some evidence to support the conspiracy theory that the police left a police van deliberately in the middle of the road, as a bait for the protesters to vandalise, after preventing them from marching on towards Parliament and Lib-Dem HQ.

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