Middlesex outrage amplified


Earlier today the BBC World Service beamed news of the closure of the Middlesex philosophy department – and the protest it has attracted – to the four corners of the world. Listen to the coverage here (starts at 41 min. 12 sec.).

At the same time The Guardian/The Observer published yet another article on the international scale of the outrage this news has triggered:

Middlesex University cuts spark international protest from philosophers

Move to phase out philosophy teaching at leading department branded a ‘national and international concern’

There is another important intervention on the pages of The Guardian by Lynne Segal:

Middlesex’s philosophical struggle

The situation is extraordinary by any rational, let alone scholarly, accounting. The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy was the feather in the cap of that young university. It was its highest-rated submission in the last research assessment exercise and in the top third of philosophy departments in the whole of the UK.


Here is also some coverage from The Telegraph:

Plan to shut leading philosophy course condemned by academics

Plans to shut one of the world’s leading university philosophy courses have sparked outrage among academics.

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  4. Gary Stonecipher Says:

    Perhaps we should put the remaining Philosophers and Poets into zoo’s and preserves, along with all the other endangered species…

    This would make an excellent living art protest, one that would prove to be an interesting form of activism…

    Picture this: Philosophers and Poets, all trying to break into zoo’s and preserves all around the world… while wearing signs expressing their need for seeking such refuge…

    The imagery of this I must admit, I find rather… Amusing!

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