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Save Middlesex Philosophy!

29 April 2010


You can sign the petition here against the decision to shut down all philosophy programmes at Middlesex University. Join the Facebook group if you support this cause:

Further information:


Late on Monday 26 April 2010, the Dean of the School of Arts and Education at Middlesex University, announced the closure of all its Philosophy programmes, including the largest MA programme in Philosophy in the UK. Philosophy is the highest research-ranked subject in the University, and Middlesex is the highest rated of all the post-92 institutions in the subject.

Restriction of student opportunities and choice
Philosophy at Middlesex is one of only a handful of programmes left in the UK that provides both research-driven and inclusive post-graduate teaching and supervision aimed at a wide range of students, specialist and non-specialist. It is the main centre in the UK for the study of European or ‘continental’ philosophy.

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy is the main centre for ‘continental’ philosophy in the UK, with an established international reputation, frequent visiting speakers from abroad and increasing numbers of postgraduate students. There are currently 63 postgraduate students in the Centre: 48 MA students and 15 PhD students. 5 PhDs were awarded in 2009. These are remarkable numbers, especially for a small group of six staff.

The Middlesex Philosophy submission to RAE2001 was graded 5, and the 2008 submission was awarded a GPA of 2.80, ranking it joint 13th out of 41 institutions entered in Philosophy above both its main competitors, Warwick and Sussex. It has hosted 2 Leverhulme Fellowships in the last 6 years, and recently completed a £245,000 AHRC-funded research project, ‘Concept and Form: The Cahiers pour l’analyse and Contemporary French Thought’ (which included production of a major web research resource). It recently submitted an application for a 2-year AHRC Project Grant on Transdisciplinarity, and held an international event on Transdisciplinarity in French Thought at the French Institute).”

Strange Mereology

28 April 2010

Check out Levi Bryant’s presentation, “Being Is Flat: The Strange Mereology of Object-Oriented Ontology,” from last week’s Object-Oriented Ontology symposium in Atlanta. It’s an excellent summary (lucid and concise) of the key issues that emerge from the encounter between actor-network theory and the speculative realist version of Heidegger (and I’m sure there are some other influences in there as well, possibly Deleuze via DeLanda). Make sure to run it in full screen mode.

A Compositionist Manifesto

26 April 2010

“A Compositionist Manifesto” – A lecture given by Bruno Latour as part of the Literature and Science Seminar Series at the Faculty of English, University of Oxford.

5.30pm, Wednesday 12 May 2010

St Cross Building, Lecture Theatre 2

la teoría del actor-red

26 April 2010

I Encuentro estatal ANT: Presente y futuro de la teoría del actor-red


El 18 de junio de 2010 tendrá lugar en Barcelona el primer encuentro realizado en este país que pretende analizar monográfica y sistemáticamente la teoría del actor-red.


Volunteer needed

25 April 2010

A number of Apple and Linux users have contacted me recently to say that they are unable to download the recordings that are hosted on the eSnips site, as apparently eSnips now require that you install their software first, which is only compatible with Windows. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to look for another file hosting service and upload all these files once more. However, if a kind volunteer could be found who wouldn’t mind downloading and then re-posting these files on another service, I would be very grateful and would be very happy to link to that  site. Thanks.