The Nature of Technology


Speaking of journals and technology, the special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics on the question concerning technology has now been published and it is apparently freely available for a month (hat tip to Object-Oriented Philosophy). It is set to become a definitive point of reference on how technology matters for the social sciences, given the comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of the problem provided by some of the most interesting people working on the subject (or shall we say object). This also explains the conundrum of why an economics journal had commissioned a philosopher (Graham Harman) to write an article about Heidegger’s take on technology, which really intrigued me at the time. Here are my initial ruminations on Harman’s article from May 2009. Needless to say, this Cambridge J. Econ. special issue is very close to the ANTHEM focus, namely the overlap and communication between Heideggerian, STS, and economic approaches to the question of technology.

Here is the list of articles and contributors:

The Nature of Technology

Philip Faulkner, Clive Lawson, and Jochen Runde: Theorising technology

Philosophy of technology

Graham Harman: Technology, objects and things in Heidegger

Albert Borgmann: Reality and technology

Andrew Feenberg: Marxism and the critique of social rationality: from surplus value to the politics of technology

Peter Kroes: Engineering and the dual nature of technical artefacts

Wiebe E. Bijker: How is technology made?—That is the question!

Trevor Pinch: On making infrastructure visible: putting the non-humans to rights

Tim Ingold: The textility of making

Marcia-Anne Dobres: Archaeologies of technology

Robert Aunger: What’s special about human technology?

Wanda J. Orlikowski: The sociomateriality of organisational life: considering technology in management research

Judy Wajcman: Feminist theories of technology

Technology and Economics

J. Stan Metcalfe: Technology and economic theory

Giovanni Dosi and Marco Grazzi: On the nature of technologies: knowledge, procedures, artifacts and production inputs

Carlota Perez: Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms

Tony Smith: Technological change in Capitalism: some Marxian themes

Anne Mayhew: Clarence Ayres, technology, pragmatism and progress


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