Breaking Heidegger


No diatribe against his former tribe, but still, Harman at his heretic best.

Here’s a thought… What happens when Heidegger the tool breaks down?

Or the reverse, when Heidegger the tool withdraws into the tapestry of philosophy?

What is Harman doing when he is breaking Heidegger?


2 Responses to “Breaking Heidegger”

  1. Paul Ennis Says:

    This is what the Abbau is all about. I think Harman has done it just right; incorporating the best of Heidegger and developing it for the contemporary age. We are too far from Heidegger to remain exactly in the limits of his own tool analysis.

  2. anxiousmodernman Says:

    Here Harman is consistently applying his object-oriented metaphysics. The disagreement with Heidegger here is so fundamental, so glaring, that it is of the type one can only have with a loved one.

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