World-Information City


An interesting conference (h/t Cluster) on mobility, globalisation, urban spaces and networks coming up in Paris on 30-31 May 2009. Here are the topics and speakers:

World-Information City, Paris 2009: In/Visibility, Access and Urban Zoning

  • Mobility Futures – John Urry
  • Real Time City – Carlo Ratti
  • Re-Assembling the Urban – Saskia Sassen
  • The Porosity of Land, Economy, and Politics – Solomon Benjamin
  • Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism – Stephen Graham
  • The Endless Present – Eyal Weizmann
  • Mobile Networks, Urban Swarms – Christophe Aguiton/ Dominique Cardon/ Zbigniew Smoreda
  • Mapping Complex Networks – Bruno Latour
  • Zoning VS Open Source City – Jose Perez de Lama

Further description here and detailed programme here.

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