Bruno Latour as Rush Limbaugh


What does it mean in the life of an intellectual movement (in this case actor-network theory or speculative realism) when it repeatedly gets the comedy treatment? Does it signify higher status and greater recognition? There certainly have to be enough people out there who get the joke for it to work. First there was the Latour-Sloterdijk comics series by KLAUS from Harvard. Then there was the hilarious album cover for the speculative realists by Mike Watson from Goldsmiths. And now here is a ‘Bruno Latour as Rush Limbaugh’ spoof from students at Brigham Young University. It is quite entertaining, while giving a pretty good summary of Latour’s book, The Pasteurization of France.

Listen to the “Rush Latour Show” here (19 min):

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Update (29 April 2009): And we could add to this collection the Bruno Latour action figure from the thing theory blog (which, by the way, contains some great reflections on the whole Heidegger-Latour relationship and some rave reviews of Harman’s Prince of Networks manuscript) by Columbia University students.

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