Sloterdijk’s global foams and Latour’s cosmopolitics


Check out this fantastic special issue of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space: “The Worlds of Peter Sloterdijk,” guest-edited by Stuart Elden, Eduardo Mendieta, and Nigel Thrift. Besides the translations of three different pieces by Sloterdijk, it carries a number of very interesting essays, including one by Marie-Eve Morin entitled “Cohabitating in the Globalised World: Peter Sloterdijk’s Global Foams and Bruno Latour’s Cosmopolitics.” Morin shows how Sloterdijk develops Heidegger’s concept of spatiality, and she connects it with Latour’s thinking on politics. Just the thing to read before Latour and Sloterdijk’s joint talk at Harvard next week. And this is yet another ANT-Heidegger connection…

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