AMCIS 2009: Socio-Technical Aspects of Information Systems


Please see the call for papers for the 15th Americas Conference on Information systems (AMCIS 2009) on 6-9 August 2009 in San Francisco, which includes the mini-track “Socio-Technical Aspects of Information Systems” on the following topics:

  • Social informatics
  • The application of social theory to information systems (eg. Structuration Theory, Actor-Network Theory, StructurANTion Theory)
  • Human and organisational aspects of information Systems
  • Balancing of social and technical factors in ISD and IS
  • Critiques of the socio-technical approach
  • Case studies of socio-technical analysis of IS
  • Comparative studies (ie. between sectors, countries, cultures, etc.) of socio-technical analyses of IS
  • Comparative analyses of socio-technical change and IS
  • Global/local (or ‘glocal’) balance of IS within a socio-technical context

Deadline for papers: 20 February 2009.


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