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Object-oriented philosophy has just become more objective, thanks to the appearance of a new artefact on the scene: Graham Harman’s own Object-Oriented Philosophy blog. By way of a warm welcome to the blogosphere, we reproduce below the tenets of Harman’s object-oriented philosophy, as laid out in one of the first posts of OOP:

1. Intentional objects (such as phenomenal trees) exist in uneasy alliance with their accidents

2. Real objects (such as real trees) exist in uneasy alliance with their qualities

3. Real objects are deeper than the phenomenal qualities that emanate from them in relations

4. Intentional objects are unreal but are made up of real moments

This fourfold of accidents, relations, qualities, and moments can be restated in cosmologically more interesting fashion:

1. The tension between an intentional object and its accidents is precisely what we mean by TIME

2. The withdrawal of a real object from any relation is what we call SPACE

3. The duality between a real thing and its own real qualities can be called ESSENCE

4. A merely intentional thing’s possession of genuine qualities can be called, in a Husserlian sense, EIDOS

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