Recording of Graham Harman’s talk on Manuel DeLanda


A recording of Graham Harman’s ANTHEM seminar talk at the LSE yesterday, entitled “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda,” and the discussion that followed, is available here (1 hr 47 min). A PDF file of the PowerPoint slides can be downloaded from here.

Harman evaluated the ontological assumptions behind DeLanda’s realism, his notion of assemblage and his theory of causation, by tracing their origins in Deleuze and Bhaskar, among others. He then contrasted DeLanda’s ontology with that of Bruno Latour and concluded by presenting his own object-orientated approach to thinking about causation, objects, and emergence.

The discussion focussed on the clarification of some of these issues and on the similarities and differences between the various approaches that use the notion of assemblage, from DeLanda to actor-network theory, science and technology studies, information systems research and economic sociology. The methodological and political aspects of dealing with assemblages were also discussed.

While the paper that was discussed here (“The Assemblage Theory of Society”) is not yet available for wider distribution, a precursor that introduces some of these themes is Harman, G. (2008). “Delanda’s Ontology: Assemblage and Realism.” Continental Philosophy Review 41(3): 367-83.

This discussion naturally also built on Harman’s two earlier talks at the LSE, “On Actors, Networks, and Plasma: Heidegger vs. Latour vs. Heidegger” on 29 November 2007, and “The Harman Review: Bruno Latour’s Empirical Metaphysics” on 5 February 2008.

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  5. dan Says:

    My Mac does not seem able to download these essays. Any hints?


  6. Peter Erdélyi Says:

    Hi Dan, not sure which files you are referring to. Could you please specify?

  7. daniela Says:

    hi Peter,
    I`m Bruno Latour editor in spanish language. Wanted to thank your sharing all this material with all of us!!!

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  9. rohan Says:


    Could you possibly use another website to host the audio file? Esnips doesn’t allow non-Windows users (i.e. Mac and Linux) to download files — you have to install their “downloader” program which is written for Windows.


  10. mtuters Says:

    i agree with the last poster, Esnips and the Windows Media format are radically Windows-centric. Please consider the other non-humans. uses and for your media file why not use a less proprietary format. Everyone can use Mp3 for example.

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