Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda


As announced earlier,  we are expecting Graham Harman to join us at Thursday’s ANTHEM seminar. Dr Harman has also very kindly agreed to give us a talk, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, in order to summarise but also expand on the main points of the paper (“The Assemblage Theory of Society”) that he has shared with us. The title of his talk is “Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda.” The main themes are realism, causation, emergence, assemblages, essence, DeLanda, Deleuze, Bhaskar, Latour, and Harman’s own (Heideggerian) object-orientated philosophy.

P.S. Please note that Graham Harman will be flying in directly from Egypt earlier that day, so there is a slight chance that he may be delayed, in which case we just get started with discussing his paper and wait for him to join us later on. Please email Peter Erdélyi to register for this event (places are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis).

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